About The 2010 Blues Blast Music Awards

The Blues Blast Music Awards honor contemporary Blues artists and recordings. The eligibility release period for specific recordings is from May 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010. Categories such as Best Male Blues Artist, Best Female Blues Artist, Best Blues Band and the Sean Costello Rising Star Award are not tied to these specific dates. These categories are based on recent observations of performances by actively touring artists.


Best Contemporary Blues Recording Best Traditional Blues Recording
Best New Artist Debut Recording Best Blues Song
Best Male Blues Artist Best Female Blues Artist
Best Blues Band Sean Costello Rising Star Award

The Submission Process - 3 Ways

There are three possible options or paths to the submission process. You may choose one or all of these options to get your music considered. You decide whether to participate in each of these options.

 Option 1  - Be sure to send two copies of your release to Blues Blast Magazine at PO Box 721, Pekin, IL 61555. This lets us know that the CD or DVD has been released and allows the CD to be considered for a music review in Blues Blast Magazine.

 Option 2  - Record labels or Blues musicians who released a CD or DVD during the eligible period May 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010 can enter the release information using the form below (SCROLL DOWN). Your CD or DVD is automatically eligible by its release during the eligibility dates, but you may want to add it to this list for the convenience of the nominators who may not be aware of it.  The resulting list (but not actual release copies) will be made available to the 30 nominators to help them review eligible releases.

 Option 3  -  Until March 31st, if you wish to GUARANTEE that your CD or DVD actually gets into the hands of our nominators to consider, this option actually gets your CD or DVD into the hands of the nominators for consideration. SORRY - DATE TO SEND IN CD's for Option 3 has passed. But until 4/30/10 we recommend you to use Option 2 above for this years awards!

If you have questions about the 2010 Blues Blast Music Awards contact:

Music Recording Release Notification - Option 2

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Blues Blast Magazine
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