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Al Basile - Soul Blue 7

Sweetspot Records

What a wonderful experience to hear this for the first time. I completely enjoyed it on it’s maiden play. It brings to me all what I love about today’s blues music. From the stable of the best in today’s Blues music that is Duke Robillard comes a unique talent Al Basile.

Not his first effort, it is actually his seventh. But this is Al Basile arrived. A clean, refreshing listen into today’s contemporary Blues/Jump, Jazz music. He has been nominated for a Blues Music Award (Handy Awards) as best horn instrumentalist with good reason. A Coronet/Trumpet player that sings, writes music, poetry, and novels, truly a multi talented gifted artist with a long lineage of fine accomplishments.

We understand the important connected value of Jazz and Blues and he brings them together in a harmonious fashion. As gravy is to potatoes the two are for our enjoyment and forever entwined.. Here is this musician’s approach to the melding, mixing, or what Mayall coined so many years ago “fusion”. It is a perfect mix of swing blues, blues, with some jazz sides. His vocals are forefront, up-front, but smooth, slick, controlled and easy in is his style. I hear a little Gary Moore in his vocals.

With great backup and production by one of the best in Blues guitar Duke Robillard the mood is smooth, relaxed, comfortable and soft. It just feels good! Duke takes up a back up roll and leaves the work to Al. A New Orleans sound persists with a touch of reggae. The lyrics are cerebral, clever, a thinking man’s view in each song.

Track notes:
Track #1 A light tune with good sax, organ and some crispy licks by Duke that are reminiscent of Albert King.
Track # 5 “I Hope You’re Right” a great upbeat happy tune that you could listen to daily.
Track # 6 “Causing Joy “ has a good easy reggae style and easy lyrics. Possibly a look into how he sees his work, (causing joy)
Track # 8 is a nice flowing ballad with a great sax lick at the end.
Track # 11 “Fool Me Again” is a superbly written and arranged piece that really gets you thinking.

This is an enjoyable comfortable C/D that I will not grow tired of anytime soon. Four Strats for Al!

Reviewer John Piott writes "Blue Collar" Blues reviews that look at today's Blues music from the perspective of a long time lover of the Blues.

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