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Charles “Big Daddy” Stallings - Blues Party

Tai Jeria Record Company

19 tracks; 79:57 minutes; Suggested

Styles: Traditional Blues, Contemporary Blues, Soul-blues, Funk, Swing, Latin

If you want a shot of Whiskey, you gotta go to the still.
If you want a drink of water, you go to the well.
If you want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, you gotta go to the horse.
If you want a “Blues Party,” you gotta go to the source!
.....And, the source is Charles “Big Daddy” Stallings.

I have been reviewing CDs for twelve years, and trust me, nobody writes lyrics, generates more fun, and creates songs like Charles “Big Daddy” Stallings! His witty and devilish sense of humor is a big part of the party. For example, sample these lines from his first two albums:

* “She’s 4 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and she weighs 400 pounds!” “She keep your refrigerator full of food/ in case she get in a snacking mood.” from “4x4 Woman” 2004
* “Her skirt was so short I could see all the way upstairs to what was on her mind” from “I Got the Blu-Hoos” 2004
* “[sung rap style]Wake up in the morning - with the fog; feed the chickens and slop the hogs. I got corn to plant and fields to plow, but right now, I gotta milk this cow...” from “Funky Farm” 2004
* “... I think your wife is cheating on us!” from “Strange Things” 2007
* “Sorry, but a lot of you little girls need to be spanked,” from “Booty Slappin’” 2007
* “Tuesday I couldn’t go to work [because] lightning struck my outhouse, and I got stuff all over my shirt.” from “Hard Times/Good Times” 2007

Now, Stallings continues the good times by releasing his third album, “Blues Party” with salacious sounding titles like, “Horny Bee” and “Knocked Up.” I won’t spoil the lyrical surprises that await.

Although this is a studio production, Big Daddy presents it as though it is live. Before the full band tears into the pumping title track, “Blues Party,” the first words heard are, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am Charles “Big Daddy” Stallings, and I approve these Blues. ...enough music [79:57] for two CDs. Join me now as we...get ready for a Blues Party. C’mon!”

The CD is loaded with Stalling’s patented rhythm and sounds utilizing a mix of horns, bass-drums-percussion, guitar, piano and harp. There is plenty of the variety that has made Big Daddy famous:

For Traditional Blues: try “Down on the Farm” with Stallings on lead guitar and his rich, baritone vocals plus co-lead harp (Mark Wenner) backed by only bass (Gail Parrish) and drums (Russell Hayward II). Hell, who even writes AAB rhyme scheme in a 12 bar Blues anymore? It demonstrates that, among his various styles, Stallings’ rural upbringing in North Carolina deeply embedded his Blues.
Swing: Juxtaposed 180 degrees is the next track, “Swing 2010,” opening with several trumpet blasts followed by full horns arranged by side-man sax player Joe “E Flat” Thomas.

Jacky Harriston takes a tasty organ solo midway through this dance inducer. Another great instrumental is “The Lucky Number.”

Slow Blues: “She’s Gone” is a slow Blues that caused one WKCC listener to call for a re-play. Another is the humorous “Old Folks” about the sex drive living on into old age.

Chicago Blues: “Doggone Shame” is a jumping number about curbing cursing. “Don’t start cursing and all that jive – count to five!” For some Soul: “In Love By Yourself” finds Stallings channeling his finest Barry White.

Funk: “James” is a terrific nod to the late James Brown while “Old Dog” is a lament to younger days of chasing tail. “Blues in your Funk” gives bassist Ronald Bland the chance to shine as he funks it up.

All musicians are equally unique. It is just that Charles “Big Daddy” Stallings is more unique that most. That is a good thing! Pop this album in the player, and it’s 80 minutes of Blues Party! C’mon.

Reviewer James "Skyy Dobro" Walker is a noted Blues writer, DJ, Master of Ceremonies, and longtime Blues Blast Magazine contributor. His weekly radio show "Friends of the Blues" can be heard Saturdays 8 pm - Midnight on WKCC 91.1 FM and at in Kankakee, IL.

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