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David Coppa & Scrapple - Make a Change

Self Released

13 tracks

Here we have some rocking blues from a band that calls the Delaware Valley home. This band, who recorded their CD in suburban Philadephia, is the power trio of David Coppa on guitar and vocals, Patrick Coppa on bass and Tray Williams on drums. David Coppa has written 12 of the 13 tracks with the one cover being Little Milton’s “That’s What Love Makes You Do”. This is their second self released CD.

The style of music that these guys lay is basically blues influenced rock; they themselves call it “postmodern blues”. Perhaps the “postmodern” moniker is a little overused in the music industry to label something as new or alternative. While the material recorded here is predominantly original, in my mind it not so very far “out there”, which doesn;t make it bad at all The influences of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s blues and rock are all bundled up here, so don’t expect to hear any avant-garde blues; it’s straight up, hot rocking stuff. Coppa seems at home with his axe, and the vocals are sound and tight as are the back line.

The songs, riffs and vocals are all pretty solid. These guys are a jamming and fun band who would you would like to sit and listen to on a warm summer day at your favorite festival. The material in the songs are predominantly spiritual, Christian based lyrics and love songs; they range in style from slow blues to hard rocking tunes. They seem comfy with the fast driving stuff, like the searing “Oh My Darlin” and the down tempo cuts like “Slow”, a really cool instrumental. The title track is another really good one: it’s a little funked-up and gritty call for spiritual help.

David Coppa and his band offer up some nice tunes with a spiritual conviction. This is not church music, it’s real rocking blues delivered up mixed with their Christian faith. I enjoyed the album and hope to catch up with them some day!.

Reviewer  Steve Jones is secretary of the Crossroads Blues Society in Rockford. IL.  

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