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Eran Troy Danner - Lucky Day

Eran Troy Danner’s new 10 song CD has excellent lyrics, great storytelling, wicked shredding and unique takes of 3 classic covers. On his third CD Eran’s voice is like fine wine. It improves with age. Eran plays for his dough (250 gigs per year) and it sounds like practice makes perfect! His pronounced “chops” are tight, bawdy and bold. Eran is a chameleon of the Blues and can tackle any genre. Eran’s core band these days features Billy Bileca (bass), Larry “Buzzy” Falstrom (keys) and Nick Longo keepin’ time.

Lucky Day opens with a sort of modern ragtime, “Allison Pond”. There is cool amplified slide Dobro and interesting lyrics. Eddie Seville makes his presence felt here on drums and with the horn arrangements for; Cole Christie (sax), Jake Rego (trumpet), and Pete Sanders (trombone). “Following you” is a melodic Lounge Lizard rumba that establishes love as a theme. There is More Eddie Seville with Billy K. (bass) and Marty Q. (tenor sax). Billy K. stays on bass for the 12 bar title track “Lucky Day”. This swingin’ tune is good for cuttin’ a rug with your sweetie. Hey Eran I’m coming for that drink!

The first cover is Bill Withers “Ain’t No Sunshine”. It has a Spanish style electric guitar with Larry and Billy Bileca doing mirror image melody. Eran’s fine pipes are featured here along with Bongos! “Trouble” is harder edged and shredding with Funky Time rhythm. #6 is a joyous, ambitious cover. Does it work? You’ll have to buy the CD to find out. “That’s All Right” has more love in 4/4 time with nice riffage, tasty keys and bawdy sax from Cole Christie. Andy Karlock plays upside down left handed bass. ”Hurt Myself” is southern blues/rock with more love and an excellent finish. It sounds like there are 2 guitars.

“Under The Sun” is surf/swamp with smokin’ Telecaster. It’s the soundtrack for a spaghetti western right down to the rattle. Eran re-unites with Mark Schuyler (drums) and Chris Anielo (bass) for this cool tune. Making the last cover, Hendrix Voodoo Chile, truly his Eran plays it amplified acoustic.

A great disc with solid lyrics and cool storytelling Lucky Day is a hit. The CD packaging/design is Perfect! John Bailey laid it out brilliantly. It’s clear, concise and tastefully done. The colors pop and everything is where it needs to be. Lucky Day is dedicated to the US TROOPS. Other bands should take note of this CD design/packaging. Lucky Day was recorded at Cottage Sound Studio in Middlebury, CT. Arrangements are by Eddie Seville with Eran and Eddie producing. Paul Orofino mastered it at the House Of Correction in New York.

It’s a “Lucky Day” when we get to hear Eran’s new CD or see him live!

Reviewer Zeke is a published columnist and reviewer. He is a tireless promoter/supporter of Blues in CT. and beyond.

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