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Mr. Keith Little - Take It Off And Get Loose With It

Blue Skunk Music

Mr. Keith Little is known as "The Cincinnati Blues Man, King of the Blues" and with good reason, this latest CD further strengthens his Royal designation. “Stand My Ground” starts the way I like a tune to start, EXPLOSIVE! Stacks O Horns, huge lead guitar by Marcos Sastre, the mystic sound of that organ in and out of the verse, wife, Cheryl Renee Little, followed by the King himself on lead vocals, always, Mr. Keith Little. He has that dark smooth honey kind of a voice, strong, deep sexxxxxy. Driving drum pops. Do ya want it? Hes got it!

After just half way through this first tune I was ready to say ‘sold’ I’ve got to have this CD. “Copper Tops” starts with an old school styled piano, Ricky Nye. Its sweet talking keys at their tastiest. Could this Keith Little be the man to take the place of the great Joe Williams? Sure reminds me of Basie and Williams on their best days except all pure Blues. Talk some of the verse, say it down low, and once again mark it ‘sold’, Now I'm telling you straight - this is one fine listening CD.

“Get Loose With It” has Keith open with his bass lick followed with a mirror image as the horn section blows that same riff. Thank you Mr. Gary Winters, great horn arrangements and now sprinkle in just the right amount of organ. Sweet. And then all of a sudden all these vocals start an inter-active fugue type feel. Killer good. Great energy. My kind of stuff and then there's that smoking guitar coming at you from out of nowhere. Power, pure Blues power.

Now I have to stop myself from going on and on or Ill end up with a ten page review so lets just skip down a bit. Here I am landing on tune number 11, “New Shoes” bingo all over again. That smooth groove thang, take your time take your time take your time, soft shuffle, crying guitar and man is Keith doing it.

Now the next tune, whats this now? “Mr. Kochca” has a strong late 60s blues rock sound thing going on and filled out with that modern cut ya guitar sound. And what’s Keith doing on this tune, tone talking that low stuff. Very tasty, talking a little bit of trash and he likes that!

The last tune, which comes way too soon is “Rainy Night In Georgia” the only tune not written by Mr. Little, this one done justice by Tony Joe White. If you need a mental image of this song think Barry White. This song is Soul Blues, slow close dancing soulful blues and leading the way the singing sexy sax of Mr. Marcus Griswom. Not too much sax and not to little, just the right amount.

This CD was thoroughly thought through, is an excellent production and recorded superbly. Not once during my listening did I think anything at all was out of balance. One of my pet peeves. Just excellent from top to bottom. Keith Little's Take It Off” Lets Get Loose With It is long on those soulful blues & as a public service here is the web site address:  Tell him I sent you!

EDITORS NOTE: This CD was previously released and reviewed as an Independent release. The CD was re-released by Blue Skunk Music in February 2010

Reviewer Chuck Gomez worked out of Chicago’s Mayor’s Office of Special Events for over a decade back at the start of the Chicago Blues Fest, plays sax and tours with many leading Blues musicians/Chicago style. He is Columbia College’s special events producer and owns/produces/promotes the Watseka Theatre, Iroquois Performing Arts Center. The Watseka Theatre Blues, BBQ & Arts Fest is the last Saturday of each May, this year May 29th, 2010. Go to: for more information.

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