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Lou DeAdder - Number 5

self release


Lou DeAdder's press release describes him as a Canadian fusion guitarist. If fusion means proficient in varoius styles of music, that blurb is right on the money. Although not a blues artist the jaunty, breezy blues of "Low Down Feelin' Blues" that leads off this disc reminds in a positive way of blues songs done occasionally by big name pop artists. Nothing heavy here in music or vocal, just a very enjoyable listen featuring Lou's pleasant pipes and peppered by the harmonica of phenom Carlos Del Junco. Lou also interjects a brief 'bluesy' guitar solo.

If you heard this record without the benefit of liner notes, you might think it was a compilation of unissued tracks by fusion- era Jeff Beck and horn band Chicago and others. "Guitar Wank" and "Curtains Calling" sound like a slightly tamer Jeff Beck with the latter featuring Lou on vocal. On my first listen of "Aftermath" and "Tight...Eh?" I was waiting for a smooth vocal to kick in about about Saturday in the park or something else Chicago-y.

The two man horn section of Leo Sullivan and Steve McDade have that breezy horn vibe down to a tee. DeAdder also does a great job of mimicing Beck's stuttering, string bending, herky-jerky guitar sound all the while sounding fresh. "Guitar Wank" has a mellower middle section that sets up the release of final portion. "Jazzy" starts off life as a guitar- instrumental-for-a-Sunday-afternoon leading to a more complex Beck-affected mid-section. "Curtains Calling" has a lead in that sounds like an outtake from 'Blow By Blow', followed by a DeAdder vocal that could pass for 'Styx' or 'REO Speedwagon' with less emphasis on the pop-star dramatics. The double-tracked guitar rocker "Crash And Burn" comes on like 'Bachman-Turner Overdrive'.

A varied retro-ish expericence is waiting here for fans whose tastes lean towards classic rock. That vibe is presented while not coming off as mimicry, but more like a nod that Robin Trower gave to Hendrix. High production values and sure-fire band backing ensure an interesting day-dreamy-listen..

Reviewer Greg 'Bluesdog' Szalony is from the New Jersey Delta. He is the proprietor of Bluesdog's Doghouse at

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