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Peter Karp and Sue Foley - He Said She Said

Blind Pig Records

14 Tracks

“Runaway” Peter Karp is a multiple threat, a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and keyboard player. He has been compared to John Hiatt and John Prine. Karp is the son of an air force captain who grew up in rural Alabama and suburban New Jersey. His adult wanderings have taken him to the Amazon, Japan, Mexico, and the South Sea Islands of South Carolina. In the South Sea Islands he immersed himself in the Gullah culture of slave descendants. Although he has hobnobbed with the Hollywood set, like Timothy Hutton and Tony Randall and with music heavy hitters like John Lee Hooker, Don Henley, and Michael Brecker, he is his own man. He once walked away from a corporate record contract.

Sue Foley is a Canada native who spent several years honing her blues-rock skills in Austin, Texas before returning to Canada. She has received a Juno Award (Canadian Grammy equivalent), 18 Maple Blues Awards (Canadian Blues Music Award equivalent), three Trophee de Blues from France, and a WC Handy Award nomination (Blues Music Award). She has released at least 12 CD on various labels and has plans to launch her own label, Guitar Woman and publish a book of the same name.

He Said She Said is a collaboration between a roots rocker and a blues rocker based on correspondence between them over a two year period. Their letters started as casual exchanges between performers regarding life on the road and their commitment to music. Over time, their correspondence grew to be much more including fodder for a concept CD.

The CD is a mix of country rock, i.e., “Treat Me Right” and “Dear Girl,” rock like “Valentine’s Day,” and of course, love ballads. “So Far So Fast” is the first of the love ballads. “Danger Lurks” is an acoustic number sung by Foley. The following song, “Ready For Your Love” sung by Karp seems to be his answer. “Mm Hmm” was my favorite with the bass lines, horn, and guitar strumming until I heard “Scared” which then became my new favorite. Foley’s voice is its smoothest on this track. The muted horns add to the smoky mood. The lyrics are poignant.

The music is easy to listen to if you have eclectic tastes in music. Blues however is not the mainstay of the CD. Although Blind Pig is primarily a blues label, He Said She Said is more of a pop rock CD with love ballads.

I read that Karp and Foley are coy on the nature of their actual relationship. But if anyone listens to He Said She Said knowing that the songs are based on letters to each other, it’s not hard to decipher. This is probably not the end to this story..

Reviewer Sheralyn Graise graduated from the University of Akron a while back. A former Social Services professional, she is now pursuing other interests such as music history, writing, and photography. She has been a member of the Blues Foundation since 2001.

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