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Rice Moorehead - You Make Me Feel

Self Release


"No Blues For You"....If you need a label you can call this release from Austin, Texas native Rice Moorehead roots-Texas-soul-alternative-rock-punk covering the topics of love, lust, sex and cowgirls. Oh, did I mention sex? This guy is a horndog. A horndog in possession of a pleasing and throaty set of Texas tinged pipes. His guitar skills equal his vocal abilities, supplying crunchy chords, slide accents or acoustic strumming as needed. The assorted players throughout provide snappy drumming, pronounced bass and that patented Texas cheesy organ ala Augie Meyers.

"Unlearn", "Drivin' By" ,"Molly The Cowgirl" and "Somewhere On I-35" can almost pass for Chris Issac with a slight cold. On "Molly" he professes his love and lust to the cowgirl he met at the bicycle rodeo. Don't ask me, we don't have bicycle rodeo's in Joisy. Ol' Molly must be in good shape, she carries him up to her room. "Unlearn" and "Drivin' By" are the kind of Issac-y, slow, moody songs that pop-up in tv dramas. The later has a bit of that Stones spacey late night feel with weeping slide over acoustic and vibes adding background seasoning. "I-35" is a Texan version of Johnny Mathis' "99 Miles To LA". Hold on....It gets stranger....but in a fresh way that works.

The music portion of this Tex-Fest is well thought out and made more appealing by the crystal clear sound not often heard on a self made production. The one instrumental "Honky Soul" kicks in with a throbbing bass line into a chiming guitar riff. First call saxman Kaz Kazanoff adds the honky part. Oh lest I forget.....why haven't I heard the drums of Jill Csekitz before?.....She's all over the place adding drive to many songs.

Ok.......where was I? Oh, yeah......One Texacala Jones is listed as doing vocals on what else?....."Tex Pants". She uses her voice, mostly unintelligible....her multi-tracked screaming, moaning......and a few 'babies!' thrown in for good measure. Rice's slide and regular guitar come in-and-out over his crunchy guitar riff. Ok here's an over used cliche' for you......This song is a breath of fresh air. Crank this puppy up and blow out yer' speakers.

"No Air Play For You".......Rice F's up his real chance for a potential hit with the Texas-soul of the title track. You guessed it kiddies......"You Make Me Feel Like ( F'ing)" starts off as a sentimental love song......then Wammo!(pun intended). It's up to you. I'll make no judgements. It's a great song on a very good CD.

Not a bum track on this exploration of Moorehead's bag of tricks. And many of them make an appearance given the short playing time. Take Chris Issac, Delbert McClinton, Texas punk-rock, Texas-white boy-soul, alternative-rock, slide guitar and blend to a frothy fare-thee-well and see if this concoction dosen't grow on you like a soothing fungus. Ok another silly pun......But this record is really growing on me. I'll admit at first it sounded like a mess. I think there's a quiet semi-genius lurking here. Wouldn't be surprised at all if we hear more of this Texas horndog in a big way. As for me I'm no fool........I'm riding off on Molly's handlebars into the Texas-punk sunset before I make another silly analogy.....Adios mi cowpunks......

Reviewer Greg 'Bluesdog' Szalony is from the New Jersey Delta. He is proprietor of Bluesdog's Doghouse at

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