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Shaun Murphy - Livin’ the Blues

Vision Wall Records

WORLD TAKE NOTICE!!!  There is a new lady in the room. One of impeccable talent. Strength, power and confidence is ever present in her style. Clearly a new force that should be noticed and enjoyed by Contemporary Blues lovers. She will flat lay you out A woman who is very comfortable within her self and her talent. Her love and dedication to her music has created her legacy.

Her list accomplishments reads like a who’s who in the today’s music world. All of it generated from her love, desire, and conviction to Rock/Blues music. From sessions with Eric Clapton, Little Feat, Bob Seger, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh , John Hiatt and many more she has honed her craft. It appears she has had the opportunity to play with a lot of my favorite musicians. You do not earn such a list without good reason.

The years of learning, and earning such pedigree are clearly evident in her strong confident vocals. A very clear clean approach that gives emotion and power to each of her chosen songs. Her voice has a wide range. Smooth as velvet yet sharp as a razor at times, she is in complete control. She can be a Maria Muldaur one minute and Tina Turner the next. Just outstanding in her range ability.
Here is now a refreshing energetic, entertaining solo release we should all have in our libraries to enjoy. Her band is well balanced, fits well and gives her the sound she wants and matches her energy. The piano/organ is authentic, the guitar work is crisp and connected. Very supportive but not too out there.

A enjoyable collection of songs all that follow this genre will enjoy. “Ocean of Tears” and “Someone Else is Steppin in” are very well done. While listening to “Livin the Blues” I got this crazy thought “I wonder how her version of Bobbie Gentry’s 60's hit "Ode to Billie Joe" would sound like” My bet is it would be fantastic.

On “Come to Mama” she does a strong soleful effort on a song made popular by long time friend Bob Seger. I particularly enjoyed John Hiatt’s “It Feels Like Rain” a great version of a great ballad.

Her style has me sold. Her years, her pedigree, her talent had me on my first listen, the enjoyment only increased each time I listened. Shaun is a great representative of today’s Blues music. It is talent such as hers that is so good for the future of Blues music. I can only imagine what a live performance would be like. I’m sure I would be there in a heart beat, howlin’ and caring on I have no doubt.

All and all a wonderful effort by Shaun Murphy that she should be very proud of, congratulations Shaun.

Reviewer John Piott writes "Blue Collar" Blues reviews that look at today's Blues music from the perspective of a long time lover of the Blues.

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