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Steve Strongman - Blues In Colour

Self Release

13 tunes

This cat can play! If you like rocking electric boogie/swing blues then you have arrived!

Steve pulls more notes out of his hollow body Gibson than just about any other guitar gun-slinger out there. “Mean To Me” starts the CD with a guitar full of TNT to say the least. A real explosion to start things off. I like it like that.

Joined by Alex Frazer on bass and co-writer, producer, drummer Dave King. There was no mention of the players on the CD itself and we are at a loss to say who the tasty harp player is. Power driving guitar blues and every now and then the slip of old school riffs, a good balance of old and new, but mostly new.

Steves vocals ---- not the kind of voice that knocks you down and drags you away but the thin soft spoken voice of a true story teller. And if a blues man can't tell a story then he better give up the blues. Steve tells his stories like he's been telling 'em all his life.

“Cant Back Down” even has a flavoring of that ol dobro style and sound, but just a smidgen. This tune leads well into the next song “Take My Arms” a mix of old and new once again. Nice guitar work, tubes ringing in the amp, bending guitar strings, streaks of lighting followed by smooth long tones, SRV long tones. Nice blend of styles, my favorite guitar playing of the entire CD is on this tune.

The mix could be better. I know there's a bass player in there some where. Dave King, the drummer was the producer, which may explain the drum heavy mix.

So all in all, I like Blues In Colour. If you like strong modern guitar playing then Steve's your guy!

Reviewer Chuck Gomez worked out of Chicago’s Mayor’s Office of Special Events for over a decade back at the start of the Chicago Blues Fest, plays sax and tours with many leading Blues musicians/Chicago style. He is Columbia College’s special events producer and owns/produces/promotes the Watseka Theatre, Iroquois Performing Arts Center. His Watseka Theatre Blues, BBQ & Arts Festival is the last Saturday of each May.

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