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James "Skyy Dobro" Walker’s
Top 60 Songs and Top 30 CDs for 2010

A. This compilation comes from 2010 CDs that crossed my desk. There were many good ones I did not hear. For example, of the 10 Grammy nominees, only 4 came to my listening post.

B. Over 218 Blues CDs were issued in 2010 from at least 120 different record labels, not including independent and self releases. I personally reviewed 47 discs for “Blues Blast” and encountered over 150 CDs in 2010. (Note: A few released late in 2009 did not reach me until 2010. They are too good to go unmentioned.)

C. The basis for my choices is completely personal enjoyment and does not reflect sales. All 60 songs received airplay on “The Friends of the Blues Radio Show” on WKCC (

D. I get CDs by: (1) purchasing (2) given to me (3) sent to me for review by (4) received at WKCC radio station, Kankakee Community College, 100 College Drive, Kankakee IL 60901.

Skyy Dobro’s Top 60 Songs For 2010   Go to Top CDs

1. Reba Russell Band “Almost a Memory”
2. Teeny Tucker “Ain’t that the Blues”
3. Shawn Pittman “Change of Heart”
4. Bruce “Bruiser” Rummenie w/ Neal Robinson “Tip Top Tap”
5. Robin Rogers “Hittin’ On Nothin’”
6. The Informants “Salvation”
7. Little Joe McLerran “Believe I’ll Make a Change”
8. Eric Bibb “Tell Riley”
9. Kilborn Alley Blues Band “You Can Have the Tail”
10. The Hollywood Fats Band (Live) “Nit Wit” (from Hollywood Blue Flames “Deep in America”)

11. Cash Box Kings w/ Joel Paterson “Default Boogie”
12. Woodleg Odd “Long Distance Love”
13. Julie Black “Under the Gun”
14. Julius Pittman “Tired of Being Alone”
15. Moreland & Arbuckle “Don’t Wake Me”
16. Alabama Mike “Eddie Lee”
17. Al Stone “Don’t Try to Change Me”
18. Charles “Big Daddy” Stallings “Blues Party”
19. Reba Russell Band “Good Woman’s Gone”
20. Albert Castiglia “Sweet Southern Angel”

21. Morry Sochat & Special 20s “She's a Betty”
22. Steve Gerard & National Debonaires “Baby Get Your Skirt Up Now”
23. Ivas John Band (Live at BBs) “Honey Can’t You See”
24. Eden Brent “Beyond My Broken Dreams”
25. Robert “Nighthawk” Tooms & Wampus Cats “Feed the Monkey”
26. Reverend Raven & Chain Smokin Altar Boys “PT’s Home Cooking”
27. Nick Moss “For What It’s Worth”
28. Doug Deming “Falling Through the Cracks”
29. Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch “Black Widow”
30. Magic Slim & Teardrops “4:59 a.m.”

31. Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King “My Guitar”
32. Arsen Shomakhov “Georgia Slop”
33. Arthur Adams “You Can’t Win for Losing”
34. Billy Lavender “3 AM”
35. The Hollywood Blue Flames “My National Enquirer Baby”
36. Guitar Shorty “Please Mr. President”
37. Terry “Big T” Williams “The Night Doctor”
38. Shakura S’Aida “Outskirts of Memphis”
39. Sandy Mack “Boogie Now”
40. Modern Sounds “Strange Kind of Feeling”

41. Chris Canas “Who the Hell Are You”
42. Dave Weld & Imperial Flames “Sweet Shiny Brown Eyes”
43. Peter Parcek 3 “Showbiz Blues”
44. Jackie Scott & Housewreckers “How Much Woman Can You Stand”
45. Mississippi Heat “Let’s Live It Up”
46. Becki Sue & Her Big Rockin’ Daddies “Fat Boy Blues”
47. Vincent Hayes Project “You Can Take Your Troubles”
48. Elvin Bishop “Barbeque Boogie”
49. Bob Corritore & Friends “Things You Do”
50. Chris James & Patrick Rynn “Gonna Boogie Anyway”

51. Bone-A-Fied “Boogie Bone Boogie”
52. Joe Louis Walker (Live on LR&B Cruise) “Slow Down GTO”
53. Jimmy Warren Band w/ Bob Margolin “It Ain’t Fair”
54. Oli Brown “Makes Me Wonder”
55. Charlie Musselwhite “The Well”
56. Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges (Live) “Giving Up on Love”
57. Kilborn Alley Blues Band “Nothin’ Left to Stimulate”
58. Julie Black “You Just Might Win”
59. Clay McClinton “Whole Lotta Work”
60. John Nemeth “Do You Really Want That Woman”


Skyy Dobro’s Top 30 CDs For 2010:

1. Eric Bibb “Booker’s Guitar”
2. Reba Russell Band “Eight”
3. Teeny Tucker “Keep the Blues Alive”
4. Julie Black “You Just Might Win”
5. Kilborn Alley Blues Band “Better Off Now”
6. Vincent Hayes Project “Reclamation”
7. Julius Pittman & The Revival “Bucket List”
8. Robin Rogers “Back in the Fire
9. Little Joe McLerran “Believe I’ll Make a Change”
10. Charles “Big Daddy” Stallings “Blues Party”

11. Morry Sochat & Special 20s “Eatin’ Dirt”
12. Cash Box Kings “I-94 Blues”
13. Peter Parcek 3 “The Mathematics of Love”
14. Shawn Pittman “Undeniable”
15. Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King “Have Blues, Will Travel”
16. Albert Castiglia “Keepin On”
17. Reverend Raven & Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys “Shake Your Boogie”
18. Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch “Upside Your Head”
19. Bob Corritore & Friends “Harmonioca Blues”
20. Ivas John Band Look “Look Who’s Crying Now (Live at BB’s Jazz, Blues, & Soups)”

21. Stevie Ray Vaughan “Couldn’t Stand the Weather - Legacy Edition”
22. Woodleg Odd “One Step Ahead”
23. Alabama Mike “Tailor Made Blues”
24. Steve Gerard & National Debonaires “Words Are Like Bullets”
25. Al Stone “I Want It All”
26. Robert “Nighthawk” Tooms & Wampus Cats “Spectator Shoes”
27. Eden Brent “Ain’t Got No Troubles”
28. Elvin Bishop “Red Dog Speaks”
29. Swississippi Chris Harper “Four Aces and a Harp”
30. Becki Sue & Her Big Rockin’ Daddies “Big Rockin’ Boogie”



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